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Flexible Pricing Solutions for Your Business Growth

We offer transparent, value-driven pricing plans tailored to your business's diverse needs. Our goal is to provide you with robust AI solutions that are both affordable and effective in scaling and automating your business processes.


Custom Q&A Engine

Save 16% on Annual Plans

Starter Plan


3 custom QNA Engines

GPT 4 Access

20M Training Words

1000 queries/month

No access to the Analyzer Engine



10 custom QNA Engines

GPT 4 Access

Gemini Access

2 time credit to use Analyzer Engine

60M Training words

5000 queries/month

Premium plan


100 custom chatbots

GPT 4 Access

Gemini Access

Access Speech Engine

300M Training Words

10 time credit to use Analyzer Engine

25K queries/month

Enterprise plan

Custom Pricing/Month

Custom credits for Analyzer Engine

Content size and queries based on enterprise needs

Customized features needed by the enterprise

Custom credits for Analyzer Engine





Custom QNA Engine using ChatGPT-4 technology and business content

Train on business websites, helpdesks, knowledge bases, public web content, etc

PDF documents

Office documents (Word, PowerPoint), 1400+ document formats

Train on Youtube Videos, Audio Files/Podcasts/Voice Recordings

Embed Widgets and Livechat for customer engagement

Customize chatbot logo, colors, background, etc for your brand

QNA Engine Multi-language support (100+ languages)

Chat history access

Access to Speech Engine


Access to Analyzer Engine

2 Credits
10 Credits

Remove Powered by


Custom Enterprise capabilities and contracts


Gemini Model Access


Advanced Insight Analytics

General Support Tickets

Priority Support


Custom Security Features


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Every business is unique, and so are your AI needs. Contact us to discuss your specific requirements, and we will provide a tailored quote that aligns with your business goals and budget.

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and Quality

At Nujoom AI, we believe in providing high-quality AI solutions at competitive prices.

Our pricing structure is designed to offer flexibility and scalability, ensuring you get the most value for your investment. We are committed to helping your business grow and succeed in the AI-powered digital landscape.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

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05 How long does implementing Nujoom AI’s solutions take into my business?

06 Will I need to hire specialists to operate your AI systems?

07 Can Nujoom AI solutions help reduce operational costs?

08 How customizable are your AI solutions to industry-specific needs?

09 Can Nujoom AI's solutions improve customer engagement and satisfaction?

010 Can Nujoom AI's solutions integrate with my existing business systems?